Welcome to Virtual Marvels, Inc. We specialize in graphic arts, web design and printed project composition. With 17 years of experience in web development and artistic design coupled with our marketing know-how, we fully understand how to convey your message in an artistic medium. Whether establishing your company's identity or launching a new product, brand image development is our forte. To better serve you, we limit how many projects we take on and we will communicate with you on a regular basis while developing your project. We consult with you about your project, conceive ideas, designs and layouts based on your goals and create the solutions that, together, we envisioned. Contact us for all of your graphic arts projects!
  Graphic Design (Logo Creation)  

Logo creation, web-based animation, brochure composition, etc... Whether it is a person, place or thing, if you need it created for your project, consider it done! And, we will create your graphics with a focus on the information that you want to convey. The communication of your message through graphic arts is our business. For example, whether your target audience would be responsive to a design based on the tranquility of an ocean view comprising calming hues of blue and green or, a design based on the excitement of a volcanic eruption comprising lively hues of red and yellow, we will capture the mood that you want to convey in your project.

Web site Development

We will develop your web site with the same care, consideration and attention to detail that we commit to our own web site. From editorial web pages to web based forms and surveys if you need it, we’ll provide it! And, if you would like more than web pages composed of text and images... if you want to increase the likelihood of repeat visitors by making your web site fun, interactive and consequently more competitive, then add components! It could be as basic as a photo slide show on your home page or as complex as a back-end e-commerce shopping cart. We know components and we can incorporate them into your web site.

Print Project Composition & Fulfillment

Increase the frequency of your exposure to your target audience and simultaneously increase your brand awareness and popularity by incorporating printed promotional materials into your marketing campaign. Business Cards, Brochures, Fliers, Post Cards, etc. Once created in electronic format, we will get your project printed and shortly thereafter, delivered to you. We will create your printed projects using the same logo, graphics and decorative themes that we use to create your web site in turn, allowing you to maintain a consistent appearance across media formats.

Web site Revision & Maintenance Plan

We also perform our services under maintenance plans which reduce the cost per hour of our services. When you hire us for maintenance, you pay for our services in advance. That way, we are available to you whenever you need us for a preset number of hours every month. Once your project(s) exceed the preset number of hours allotted to you under the maintenance plan, we will bill you for our services at our normal hourly rate.

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Mulltimedia: Photography, Illustrations & Sounds

Need an image, sound or video for your project? We have an extensive collection of stock photography, illustrations, sounds and videos that we can incorporate into your project. As we develop your project, we will work with you to select the perfect multimedia enhancements.

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